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With our specialist immune capture ELISA systems, we provide best-in-class ELISA kits.

Our uniqueness

  • Our patented membrane receptor-based assay platform empowers the serological assays with superior sensitivity and specificity. 
  • Our optimized antigens ensure preservation of conformational epitopes and reduce non-specific binding
  • Our competitor approach efficiently further suppresses false positive signals, giving more accurate results.
  • We provide serological ELISA kits for research and surveillance of tropical and emerging infectious diseases on the WHO Blueprint List of Priority Diseases, such as CCHFV, ZIKV and LASV, covering IgG and IgM detection.
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Our beliefs

We, three scientists, Dr. Yang Liu , Ben Rushton and Dr. Christina Deschermeier, from very different international backgrounds, believe that no disease should be neglected, nor should any patient.

We have learnt that diseases with devastating epidemic potential, which must be kept under surveillance, are often also most common in communities with limited resources.

Because of this, we founded Panadea Diagnostics GmbH with a drive to provide sorely-needed diagnostics to enable communities in this fight against known global threats and Disease X.

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Panadea Diagnostics GmbH
Bernhard-Nocht-Strasse 74
20359 Hamburg


Stay up to date

Meet us at MEDICA 2023!

With the esteemed MEDICA 2023 expo just around the corner, our CSO Dr. Christina Deschermeier was asked to share some key points of our background, core values and technological point of difference. Chat with us at the WTSH booth at position H16 in Hall 15!
Ben Rushton
July 13, 2023
5 min read

BLACKBOX® is re-branded as Panadea

The series of BLACKBOX® ELISA test kits popular with world-wide research laboratories is now sold by Panadea and has been rebranded as Panadea. This change is accompanied by a fresh new look and reduced footprint packaging, for efficient shipping and storage.
Ben Rushton
March 29, 2023
5 min read

License and Cooperation Agreement signed with BNITM

Signing of a License and Cooperation Agreement with Bernhard-Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine signifies the beginning of an ongoing cooperation in the fight against neglected tropical and emerging infectious diseases.
Ben Rushton
March 28, 2023
5 min read